Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Veronique Leroy Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

I'm officially ready for winter again, I have already become bored of summer clothes and the promise of the 2014 fall trends is calling me. One of my favourite shows seen at PFW, perhaps because of all the ones I have seen it is the most my style, with high necks and big coats, was Veronique Leroy's collection. It fits my approach to winter perfectly, as I tend to favor big billowing boyfriend coats, turtlenecks and tailored trousers because of course you can never really go wrong with the 'drowning in layers' look. 

The classy, parisian style was exactly what was to be expected from designer Veronique Leroy as past collections have always avoided the 'girly' approach while maintaining a distinct feminine edge. Colour was introduced through tweeds and thick fabrics, while layers varied in opacity and texture, offering a variety of possibilities for winter dressing. 

There is a contrast between geometric patterns, metallic sculptural belts and floaty cuts that gives the collection more of an edge than the more conventional fall collections. Meanwhile bursts of coral combined with classic tweed and jacquard on jackets introduce further juxtapositions that make the clothes stand out from others at Paris Fashion Week.

Clothes for the colder months will always be better than summer, as there is more to wear and therefore more to shop for. I myself have a coat problem, last winter alone I bought 4 which apparently is not normal, so that may be why I look forward to bundling up. Either way it's clear there is a lot to look forward to later in the year.

Megan Rose.

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