Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Petit Bateau x Satu Maaranen

For the next three years, Petit Bateau is supporting the winners of the Grand Prix du Jury at Hyères Festival, giving them free reign on a collection with the brand. The first capsule line, designed by the 2013 winner Satu Maaranen, will be available in stores from April 29th. Maaranen has been revisiting Petit Bateau designs with the modern and oversized dimensions that were so popular in her winning collection of 2013. 

I will be looking out for this in stores.

The abstract toothpaste-inspired print that features on the designs contrasts with Petit Bateau's traditional stripes. This sharp juxtaposition on the garments lends a modern twist to the line's relatively repetitive designs up until this point. This new collaboration could introduce the brand to a new client base, something much needed by this point.


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